A Different Kind of Safety Company.


Most safety software companies cater to the large fortune 500 companies. We have always been and will always will be the safety experts for the "small" U.S. companies with no full time safety professionals on staff. That makes us - A Different Kind of Safety Company.

The people who deserve the most credit for the creation of OSHIFY® are the individuals working both stateside and remotely from around the world. Notably Mary, Cristian, Corina, Catalin and Yaro; our core team from the very beginning. Of course, we are also totally reliant on some of the most highly skilled sales and safety personnel in the U.S. to help us deliver a high quality customer experience (Carrie, Jacob, Stephen, Vic, Jesse and Khristyn).


Safety doesn't get done when its' too complicated or time consuming. The mission of OSHIFY Corporation is to simplify safety so that anyone with a mobile device can do it - quickly and efficiently. Thus, allowing more employees AND employers to go home to their families every night without the heavy grief that comes with an occupational fatality or serious incident.

Who We Work With

We mostly work directly with small U.S. businesses who do not have a full time safety professional on staff. We also work with P&C Insurance Carriers, Employee Leasing Companies (PEO/ASO), Accounting Firms / CPA's, and Attorneys at Law to ensure they can offer a great safety product to their clients and make a profit doing it. Get in touch if you are interested in working directly with us or if you are interested in a partnership.

Legal Disclaimer

Recommendations made by OSHIFY Corporations' non-legal staff are solely based upon public injury, illness, and enforcement statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), and State Specific OSHA authorities such as Cal/OSHA and others. These recommendations are NOT legal advice. If OSHIFY provides legal advice, it shall be explicitly stated as "legal advice" in each message to you and shall be accompanied by the signature of the actual attorney assigned to your case. Messages from anyone other than the attorney assigned to your case shall not be considered legal advice.

Software Uptime

Sometimes service can be intermittent, but it happens less than 1% of the time. It's critical for you to know that we do double backups of your safety records so you'll never lose them. We also NEVER store people's financial or personal data on our servers. We never ask for personal data such as SSN and the payments are passed through to our online payments merchant account (Stripe Payments or PayPal Payments) using a highly encrypted token system just like the ones your bank uses. So your data and info is encrypted with the same level of security that your bank uses - maybe better. If you notice our software is down for more than a few minutes, contact your account manager and we'll sort it out - fast.

Service Limitations

OSHIFY Corporation was doing remote / virtual safety services long before it was cool. That being said, we do not perform safety services on site for our clients or anyone else. Mainly because our model is to provide the tools and online training that equips "you" or "your clients" to master safety for your organization.

Refunds / Payments

We're a Florida S Corporation with U.S. banking and merchant accounts here in the states. This means we're continually scrutinized about our payment and refund activities - and for good reason. Many scams persist on the web. Our refund policy is simple. We will refund any payment that is disputed and which comes with a written email request within 10 days of the payment. That's it.

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