COVID-19 For Employers 

Everything you need to know and have for regulatory compliance.

Are Employers Liable For Employee COVID-19 Exposure?

Employees have been exposed in the workplace and their employers could be liable.

Here at OSHIFY®, we're focused on health and safety in the workplace. Thus, we are working hard to integrate more robust pandemic preparedness content and features into our software and documentation. Our goal is to not only limit your employees risk of exposure to COVID-19, but also to mitigate your liability as the employer. If you'd like to estimate the peak in cases or fatalities of COVID-19, here is a good resource to do that:

We expect employers could be safe to have employees return to work sometime in May or June with restrictions that are contingent upon their unique industry and exposures. Below is an April 1 chart of projections and some other insights. Realtime data may again be found here:

Employees with these conditions are at higher risk of ending up in ICU.

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COVID-19 for employers

What is required and how can you comply with regulations?

Federal and state regulatory authorities already have codes and regulations to address exposures such as COVID-19. OSHIFY® has identified at least 3 possible subject areas where compliance should be examined for every business as a result of the new COVID-19 pandemic.

If you need help with pandemic compliance, schedule a call and we'll do the rest.

Employers in these areas could be at higher risk of employee exposure.

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Next steps

Contact us to identify your risk / liability - so we can fix it.

OSHIFY® can ensure your business is meeting regulatory requirements by:

  • Performing a gap analysis of your businesses compliance around COVID-19
  • Creating the documentation and procedures you need to comply
  • Providing advisory services around the execution of your compliance program
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Our Process

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1. Phone Consultation

The initial phone consultation allows us to determine your requirements and provide an estimate.

2. Launch Program

A launch call allows us to explain the priority of work and start the program.

3. Stay Protected

Finally, we maintain the program indefinitely to ensure your business and employees are protected.

Customer Reviews

OSHIFY has provided a way for us to solve complex safety documentation problems with speed and efficiency.

-Amy R. (South Dakota)

OSHIFY tools made it easy for us to get a real safety program up and running in a place where safety was practically non-existent.

- Timothy W. (Houston, Texas)

When we came to OSHIFY, we didn't know what we were suppose to be doing. Now, we have a well defined plan and an efficient method to do our meetings and training.

- Ernesto S. (Sacramento, California)

Our favorite thing about OSHIFY is the fast and friendly support from Aaron and his team because it seems things keep changing and we always have difficult questions.

- Isaac S (Costa Mesa, California)

See how we can protect your business and employees.

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