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Your Pain and Where You Are Now:

  • You have a safety issue that can't be solved in-house
  • You really don't know who to call or who can solve it
  • Making a mistake will cost you time or maybe lots of money
  • You don't have a safety expert you can message anytime you get stuck
  • You're worried safety consultants are too expensive
  • You really need someone who can just solve your current need
  • You don't want to pay for someone to come on site for consulting
  • You don't have time for long meetings with a safety consulting firm
  • You need your safety problem solved today

Where You'll Be After The Call:

  • Your issue will be solved faster than 99% of all other online safety solutions
  • Your search for a reliable safety pro is over - we can be your safety team
  • You won't make any mistakes because we'll solve your problem for you
  • You'll have your own back office safety pro who you can contact anytime
  • You'll save hundreds or thousands because we won't need to visit your site
  • Your current problem will be solved fast, so you can get back to work
  • You'll save tons of money by NOT bringing a safety guy onto your site
  • You won't need a meeting, you'll just get the solution by phone or email
  • Your problem will be solved as fast as humanly possible by our staff

We're Your Virtual Safety Department - And We're Going To Solve Your Problem Now.

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About Aaron

Since 2005, I've been helping small companies with safety compliance and management. What I've learned is, problems CAN be solved rather quickly and easily - if you have the right consultant and the right tools.

If I cannot help you solve your safety problems, I probably know someone who can and I will recommend them to you - for free.

Customer Reviews

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OSHIFY has provided a way for us to solve complex safety documentation problems with speed and efficiency.

-Amy R. (South Dakota)

Aaron and his tools made it easy for us to get a real safety program up and running in a place where safety was practically non-existent.

- Timothy W. (Houston, Texas)
When we came to OSHIFY, we didn't know what we were suppose to be doing. Now, we have a well defined plan and an efficient method to do our meetings and training.

- Ernesto S. (Sacramento, California)
Our favorite thing about OSHIFY is the fast and friendly support from Aaron and his team because it seems things keep changing and we always have difficult questions.

- Isaac S (Costa Mesa, California).

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