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We've taken our experience from 11+ industries and condensed it into a few simple procedures that any company can follow. Orientations, meetings, inspections, trainings, incidents, they all have a place inside OSHIFY. And recording a new one is as simple as filling in a form.

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Proven Procedures

Safety management is a simple, if you have the right tools. Our tools allow you to do excellent safety management, with zero research.

Set It And Forget It

Safety management is always on our mind, but it shouldn't be on yours. Our email reminders will make sure you're always up-to-date with your safety reports.

As Easy As Email

If you know how to email, you know how to use OSHIFY. From the first use, our app will feel familiar and easy to use.

Record everything in one place. Then export, import, review or report.


Prevent hazards with 1-on-1 orientations. Brief new hires and regularly remind existing employees about the dangers in the workplace. We'll help you.
Takes 25 minutes on paper, 10 minutes on OSHIFY.


Build a safety culture within your organization. Statistically-proven that it reduces the possibility of a number of injuries, illnesses an fatalities on the job.
Takes 20 minutes on paper, 8 minutes on OSHIFY.


Identify hazards and eliminate them from your workplace. Reduce potential for human error and hold safe records of the inspections.
Takes 30 minutes on paper, 15 minutes on OSHIFY.


Record injuries and illnesses. Identify areas of improvement, identify fraudulent activity and keep an eye on workers' open compensation claims.
Takes 20 minutes on paper, 10 minutes on OSHIFY.


Keep a record of all trainings your employees have had. Publish or share training evidence with anyone, anytime and anyplace with the click of a few buttons.
Takes 3 minutes on paper, 0.25 minutes on OSHIFY.

All records are stored with bank-level security, timestamped, backed up regularly and available for you to print, if needed.

May sound corny, but it's a "breath of fresh air" in these times! I will definitely recommend your product to other fellow business owners in the future. Thank you again!

Pete – Missouri

Thank you very much! Your product is very easy to use. I appreciate it and will refer others to your company.

Karri – California

Thank you so much Aaron, I will definitely recommend your company. You are definitely a positive person in a very confusing world.

Jim - Louisiana

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