Platform Core Features.

A Safety Document Hub + Safety Tools For "Doing" Safety.

Download or Build Safety Documents; and do safety procedures from your mobile device.

1. Safety Library & Doc Builder

Our safety library contains all the written safety topics, programs, plans and other commonly needed forms you need to keep doing business efficiently. Our safety document "builder" allows you to build a safety program manual with just a few clicks, allowing you to generate a safety manual on the fly from any device, and email it to whoever needs it. Best of all, everytime a requirement with OSHA, Cal/OSHA, ISNetworld®, Avetta, PEC, BROWZ, or anyone else changes, we take care of it on our side. You just generate your manual from your account, and know it's up to date. No more outdated safety materials.

2. Safety Meetings

Our platform allows you to do safety meetings on the fly from your mobile device. You can either read the safety topic, or play the MP3 / audio version of the safety topic. The safety meeting tool automatically records the meeting and you select the employees who attended. No paper, no pen, completely automated. Print or download safety meeting reports with one click, then email them to anyone who needs to see them.

3. Safety Training

For one low monthly fee, you can train all the employees you want. Save hundreds or thousands per month with our training tool! We've added the most popular safety training videos direct from OSHA and tied it to our unique training tracker which lets you play the safety training video, give a quiz (optional), and save the event as a successful training event. Employees don't need to login to complete training. Instead, you play the safety video to them from any device individually or in groups, then select the names of attendees. This makes safety training much easier and a lot more affordable.

4. Safety Inspections

You're supposed to be identifying and correcting hazards on your sites and at your permanent facilities. The same is true of your vehicles, tools and equipment. Our platform lets you perform all types of inspections from your mobile device - with no paper or pen. Our vehicle inspection tool also aligns with Federal DOT pre-trip and post-trip inspection requirements and is based upon the Federal DOT daily inspection report your drivers already use. You'll be identifying and correcting hazards faster than ever, and you'll have that paper trail that says you are complying with OSHA laws.

5. Safety Orientations

Everyone knows that initial employee conditioning via new hire safety orientations makes and impact on safety and deters fraudulent workers' compensation claims. Our safety orientation tool lets you do new hire safety orientations fast and easy, from any mobile device and with individuals or groups of employees. You'll do safety orientations faster than ever with OSHIFY®.

6. Incident Recording

Keeping track of injuries and illnesses is the law. Our platform lets you record, categorize, and track incidents with ease. Keep track of injured employee work status, work comp claim status, then generate reports to find root causes and trends so you can improve overall safety within your organization. You'll also have that papertrail that proves you're doing all the things employers are required to do by law.

Lesser Features:

Other Important Platform Features.

1. Safety Reminders

Remembering when to do what is sometimes hard to keep track of. Our platform can remind admins with an email to do safety orientations, meetings, inspections, training, and more on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Some sensible defaults have been provided but you can edit these anytime.

2. Safety Reporting

Each activity you do on our platform is automatically recorded - as you do it. This means you never have to log activities or events. Instead, you just print, download or email any type of report to stakeholders from your account with just a few clicks. Safety reporting has never been easier!

3. Learn Safety By Doing

Something we did not expect to happen with our platform is, people who don't know safety actually learn safety by simply using the tools! That's right, people who have no formal safety training and who begin using our platform begin to understand the how and the why of safety. Anytime you get stuck, we have a "how to" video library that can walk you through the different app features step by step. No need to contact support!

4. Organization Management

Sometimes doing safety can create an information and reporting nightmare. Our platform let's you organize people by department and location, which helps you know what people are on what site. Advanced reporting features by department and location are coming soon as we're still in BETA.

*OSHIFY® is currently in "beta" which means beta pricing is in effect. Lock in beta pricing before we switch to production pricing and save hundreds per year!

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We're currently in beta, which means beta pricing is in effect. Schedule now to lock in beta pricing so you don't have to pay full price in the coming years for safety automation.

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