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Safety Software

Our flagship product is a safety management software / app which allows U.S. small businesses to manage all aspects of a safety program right from the palm of their hand. If you need a "working" safety program that does not rely on paper, pen, and outdated methods; look no further than the OSHIFY® safety management software application. Your account comes with free consulting and training of your staff on "how to do safety" quick and easy.

Safety Software Benefits

When safety is too complex or time consuming; it falls through the cracks. Our safety app is designed to be so simple and fast that even non-safety professionals can use it to achieve a safe workplace and comply with U.S. safety and health laws. Other key benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Protect the business from employment related lawsuits
  • Protect the business from costly OSHA fines
  • Protect the business owners and managers from personal liability
  • Protect the employees' family from undue hardship
  • Protect the business from increased workers comp premiums
  • Protect the business from bad reputation and contract losses
  • Protect the business owners' personal assets from legal exposure
  • Protect employees from serious injury or death

Safety Software Features

When you schedule a demo, an account manager will show and tell you everything you need to know. Your demo will allow you to make an educated and informed decision regarding your company's safety program. Features of our safety software include but are not limited to:

  • Everything you need for safety in one convenient place
  • Safety document library full of Safety Data Sheets, Templates and Forms
  • Safety manual / program / plan builder with over 75 subjects to choose from
  • Safety meeting topics allowing you to "play" meetings on any device
  • Safety training tool that allows all personnel to complete safety training
  • Safety inspections tools (5) for identifying and mitigating hazards
  • Safety orientation tool for orientating new workers or safety rule violators
  • Injury and illness recordkeeping tool to identify trends, open cases, etc.
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Safety Services

OSHIFY® offers safety services for U.S. small businesses who need advice in the areas of safety and health compliance with a variety of entities, safety management documentation, as well as advisory services for companies facing OSHA informal reviews, penalties and litigation.


  • Federal and State OSHA Compliance
  • ISNetworld®, Avetta, Veriforce, Gold Shovel, etc.
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance Compliance
  • General Contractor Compliance
  • Client / Vendor Compliance


  • Federal and State OSHA Written Safety Programs
  • ISNetworld®, Avetta, Veriforce, Other Documentation
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance Documentation
  • General Contractor Documentation
  • Client / Vendor Documentation


  • General Safety Consulting
  • Hazard / Risk Assessments
  • Incident Investigations
  • OSHA Representation
  • OSHA Citations and Litigation
  • OSHA Expert Witness
  • EMR / MOD Recovery Services
  • Safety Program / System Implementation
  • Safety Program / System Auditing
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All phone consultations and demos are completely free. We'll never share, sell, or use your information in a way that violates local, state or federal laws. By scheduling a demo or consultation you are agreeing to let us contact you via email or by telephone.

Our Simple Process_

1. Phone Consultation

A detailed phone consultation with our safety team will help us understand your goals and create a plan that will be simple and effective.

2. Launch Program

We'll have your program live within days, allowing you and your staff to quickly get your program off the ground. No one in the industry is a fast as OSHIFY®.

3. Stay Protected

Enjoy complete protection for your people and your business assets. Relax knowing that everyone and everything is fully protected.

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