Businesses today prefer to work with companies who take safety seriously, but knowing if a company is just giving lip service to safety or if they actually do what they say is difficult to discern.

Welcome to the OSHIFY Safety Verification Program; where companies who actually do safety consistently benefit from our objective 3rd party verification program, and where hiring companies can know the truth about a prospective contractor's safety activities.

*OSHIFY Verified Members - download an asset below and embed it into your website, email signature, or anywhere else online to advertise your commitment to safety. If your customers want to verify your safety program and activities we will do that so they can confidently choose you for future projects - at no cost to you.

*Hiring Companies - see the information below this section to verify the safety of a prospective contractor you are considering for hire.

*Be sure to link this badge to the following page url: https://oshify.com/verification

What We Verify.

The OSHIFY Corporation Safety Verification Program for U.S. legal entities verifies that the following compliance areas are met for the subject entity:

1. Management's Commitment to Safety Has Been Verified via a Telephone Safety Consultation
2. State and Federal Compliant Health and Safety Documentation is Present
3. A Federal & State OSHA Compliant Health and Safety Program / System Has Been Implemented
4. A Detailed Safety Activity Schedule Covering the Following Areas Has Been Defined and Implemented:

(1) Safety Training
(2) Safety Meetings
(3) Safety Orientations
(4) Safety Inspections/JHA/JSA
(5) Drug & Alcohol Testing
(6) Incident Recording/Tracking
(7) Annual Review of Documentation and System for Continual Improvement

5. The Entity has allocated significant financial resources toward health and safety by purchasing OSHIFY Corporation products and services which are designed to continually improve the health and safety program of the subject entity.

How To Check a Verified Entity's Status.

In order to verify that an entity's "verified" status is current, email verify@oshify.com with the legal name of the entity as well as the state of incorporation. Please allow 2 business days for us to respond with the status.

To report a false claim (OSHIFY safety verification), email verify@oshify.com with the legal name of the entity as well as the state of incorporation.

OSHIFY has provided a way for us to solve complex safety documentation problems with speed and efficiency. -Amy R. (South Dakota)

OSHIFY tools made it easy for us to get a real safety program up and running in a place where safety was practically non-existent. - Timothy W. (Houston, Texas)

When we came to OSHIFY, we didn't know what we were supposed to be doing. Now, we have a well-defined plan and an efficient method to do our meetings and training. - Ernesto S. (Sacramento, California)

Our favorite thing about OSHIFY is the fast and friendly support from Aaron and his team because it seems things keep changing and we always have difficult questions. - Isaac S (Costa Mesa, California)