A Different Kind of Safety Company.

OSHIFY Corporation simplifies complex safety problems using safety management software, products, and services.

Safety Management Software, Products and Services.

We've helped over 12,000 companies solve difficult safety problems. Our customers include small businesses, large multi-national corporations, local municipalities and even federal government entities. This experience has shaped the solutions we offer today and it makes us - A Different Kind of Safety Company.

Safety Management Software

Safety Task - Automation

Doing safety management the old way is inefficient and time consuming. That's why smart companies are turning to safety management software that automates safety tasks and procedures. Try ours out for free.

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Managing safety with our software is so effortless, it makes you feel guilty. The workflows and procedures are smooth as silk, the cost is ridiculously low.

Industrial Safety Products

Hand Picked

Our selection of occupational safety and health products are reliable and affordable, especially when purchased in bulk quantities. Trusting our selections saves you time and money.

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We find the best safety and health products so you don't have to. Select quality products at affordable price points, then buy in bulk.

Technical Safety Services

Custom Tailored

We have a long standing reputation for doing custom safety projects such as subject matter research and development, safety management system intranets, hazard reporting systems, and other technical projects. It's our core competence!

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If you have an unusual OSH idea that no one else will touch, we want to hear about it. Especially those related to large injury, illness and fatality "data". Exploring new and exciting ideas is in our dna.

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