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Crane Safety

Crane operations can be very dangerous both in construction and non-construction environments.

What is a crane?

Crane operations can be very dangerous both in construction and non-construction environments. Crane and rigging standards are different in construction than they are in general industries. However, many of the hazards related to crane operations are applicable to all industries. The purpose of this meeting is to raise “awareness” of crane related hazards in case you encounter them on the job; not train or certify you to operate cranes.

What hazards are associated with cranes, derricks and hoisting equipment?

1. Assembly and disassembly pinch points and falling equipment
2. Falls
3. Struck by incidents involving loads and pedestrians
4. Struck by incidents involving crane cab or tracks and pedestrians
5. Caught in incidents involving a combination of one or more moving contact points and a static hard point
6. Falling loads
7. High velocity cable strands or other equipment from rope or cable breaks
8. Tipping and rollovers
9. Electric shock or electrocution from overhead power lines

What controls may be used to protect yourself from crane and hoisting related incidents?

1. Avoid crane swing radiuses and established work zones unless you are explicitly trained and qualified to enter them
2. Never walk or stand underneath a load
3. Wear proper personal protective equipment such as hardhat, safety glasses, boots and gloves while working on or near crane operations
4. Ensure only qualified riggers inspect or handle rigging equipment
5. Ensure only qualified signalers perform signaling duties
6. Ensure only qualified riggers are allowed inside the cab of a crane
7. Ensure only trained personnel perform assembly or disassembly operations
8. Ensure pre-shift inspections are performed and documented prior to operations


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