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Working Alone - Lone Worker Safety

Working alone, especially in high hazard industries can be very risky if basic precautions are not taken.

Do you ever work alone?

Working alone, especially in high hazard industries can be very risky if basic precautions are not taken. For this reason, lone workers must think and plan ahead before working alone.

What hazards are associated with working alone?

1. Pre-existing illness or health condition prohibits self-help during an emergency
2. An injury occurs which requires the help of other personnel to find emergency services
3. Lone worker becomes trapped and has no communication with help
4. Lone workers passes out from hazardous atmosphere and cannot self-help
5. Lone worker becomes a victim of violent crime because he or she is an easy target

What can you do to protect yourself from risk of injury or illness while working alone?

1. Avoid working alone whenever possible
2. Ensure that your supervisor is aware that you are working along prior to shift
3. Ensure that adequate communication equipment such as radio, cellular phone, satellite phone, electronic monitoring device, etc. is always on your body and easily accessible while working alone
4. Always test communications equipment prior to each shift
5. Perform radio checks, calls or other communications to appropriate personnel prior to, during and after each shift
6. Follow any check in / check out protocols that may be applicable for the site and check in with designated company personnel at regular intervals if no check in / check out procedure is present
7. During long shifts, routinely communicate with designated personnel
8. Ensure that suitable personal protective equipment is always easily accessible
9. Be aware of any site specific or company lone worker plans that may be applicable
10. Be aware of any site emergency plans that may be applicable
11. Ensure that first aid supplies are readily available throughout your shift
12. Do not take risks that may injure, trap, cause injury or illness to you while working alone
13. Do not perform work in areas where communication equipment does not work
14. Never sleep while alone on any job


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