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Lockout Tagout

Lockout/tagout (LOTO) is a safety procedure used in workplaces where machines and equipment are used to prevent accidental startup during maintenance or repair. Here is a safety procedure that can help employees understand and follow proper LOTO procedures:

  1. Identify machines and equipment: Employees should be trained to identify machines and equipment that require LOTO procedures.
  2. Notify affected employees: Affected employees should be notified when LOTO procedures are being used on machines and equipment they normally operate.
  3. Shut down machine or equipment: The machine or equipment should be shut down using the normal stopping procedure.
  4. Isolate the machine or equipment: The machine or equipment should be isolated from its energy sources, such as electricity, gas, or hydraulic power.
  5. Lockout/tagout the machine or equipment: Lockout devices should be used to prevent the machine or equipment from being started, and a tag should be placed on the lockout device to identify the person who applied it.
  6. Release stored energy: Any stored energy in the machine or equipment should be released or dissipated, such as by bleeding air or draining hydraulic lines.
  7. Verify isolation: The person performing the LOTO procedure should verify that the machine or equipment is properly isolated by attempting to start it.
  8. Perform maintenance or repair: Maintenance or repair work can now be performed safely on the machine or equipment.
  9. Remove LOTO devices: When maintenance or repair work is complete, the LOTO devices should be removed by the person who applied them.
  10. Notify affected employees: Affected employees should be notified when LOTO devices have been removed and the machine or equipment is ready for use.

By following this safety procedure, employees can work safely on machines and equipment during maintenance or repair. Identifying machines and equipment, notifying affected employees, shutting down the machine or equipment, isolating the machine or equipment, locking out/tagging out the machine or equipment, releasing stored energy, verifying isolation, performing maintenance or repair, removing LOTO devices, and notifying affected employees are all important steps to ensure LOTO safety in the workplace.


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