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Machine Guarding

Machine guarding is an important safety measure used to prevent workers from coming into contact with dangerous moving parts, such as blades, gears, and rollers. Failure to properly guard machinery can result in serious injuries or fatalities. It's important for employers to ensure that their workers are properly trained in machine guarding procedures to prevent accidents and injuries.

Here are some best practices for machine guarding:

  1. Conduct a hazard assessment: Conduct a hazard assessment to identify all potential hazards associated with machinery, including those posed by moving parts, pinch points, and other potential hazards.
  2. Install appropriate guards: Install appropriate guards, such as fixed barriers, interlocked guards, and adjustable guards, to prevent workers from coming into contact with dangerous moving parts.
  3. Use point of operation guarding: Use point of operation guarding, such as guards on power presses or on woodworking machines, to prevent workers from reaching into machines.
  4. Train workers on machine guarding procedures: Train workers on the proper procedures for working with guarded machinery, including how to operate machinery safely and how to identify and report any machine guarding issues.
  5. Inspect and maintain guards: Inspect guards regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and working properly. Any damaged or malfunctioning guards should be repaired or replaced immediately.

By implementing these best practices, employers can promote effective machine guarding and prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. It's important for employers to prioritize safety by providing the necessary resources and support to ensure that workers are properly trained in machine guarding procedures and that guards are inspected and maintained regularly.


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