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Multi-Employer Worksites

Multi-employer worksites, where multiple employers and their workers are present on a shared job site, can present unique safety challenges. Employers have a shared responsibility to ensure that all workers are protected from hazards on the worksite. It's important for employers to establish clear communication, coordination, and safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries.

Here are some best practices for multi-employer worksite safety:

  1. Identify and communicate hazards: Employers should identify potential hazards on the worksite and communicate them to all workers. Communication should be ongoing and should include regular safety meetings and site inspections.
  2. Establish safety protocols: Employers should establish safety protocols for all workers on the worksite, including hazard controls, emergency procedures, and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements.
  3. Ensure workers are trained: All workers on the worksite should be properly trained on hazard recognition, safety protocols, and the proper use of PPE.
  4. Coordinate with other employers: Employers should coordinate with other employers on the worksite to ensure that everyone is following the same safety protocols and that hazards are addressed in a timely manner.
  5. Hold all employers accountable: Employers should hold all employers on the worksite accountable for their role in maintaining a safe workplace. This includes ensuring that subcontractors and temporary workers are properly trained and equipped with the necessary PPE.

By implementing these best practices, employers can promote a culture of safety on multi-employer worksites and prevent accidents and injuries. It's important for employers to prioritize safety by establishing clear communication, coordination, and safety protocols to ensure that all workers on the worksite are protected from hazards.


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