OSHIFY Corporation v2.0
Centralized Hazard Control-OSHIFY v2.0

Emergency Exits and Fire Extinguishers

Having accessible fire extinguishers and clearly marked emergency exits is essential for ensuring a safe workplace in case of a fire emergency. Here is a safety procedure that can help employees safely use fire extinguishers and emergency exits:

  1. Identify the location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits: Employees should be aware of the location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits in their workplace.
  2. Understand how to use fire extinguishers: Employees should understand how to use a fire extinguisher, including the PASS technique: Pull the pin, Aim at the base of the fire, Squeeze the trigger, and Sweep from side to side.
  3. Check fire extinguishers regularly: Fire extinguishers should be checked regularly to ensure they are in good condition and have not been tampered with or damaged.
  4. Follow proper evacuation procedures: Employees should understand and follow proper evacuation procedures in case of a fire emergency, including the use of emergency exits and evacuation routes.
  5. Stay calm: In the event of a fire emergency, employees should stay calm and avoid panic to ensure they can evacuate safely.
  6. Never block emergency exits: Employees should never block emergency exits with equipment or other objects, as this can impede evacuation and put lives at risk.
  7. Report any damage or obstruction: Employees should report any damage to fire extinguishers or obstructions to emergency exits to their supervisor immediately.

By following this safety procedure, employees can protect themselves and others from fire emergencies. Identifying the location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits, understanding how to use fire extinguishers, following proper evacuation procedures, and reporting any damage or obstructions can help ensure a safe workplace for all employees.


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